Illini Recycling – Public Recycling Center

Recycling Center location: 420 Paul Avenue, in Champaign.

Magazines, catalogues, newspapers, and office paper are the categories of paper product items accepted at the Recycling Center drop off location. Illini Recycling asks that you separate items when using the drop-off site. Items for drop off should be placed in their designated containers. For drop off, Illini Recycling does not accept commingled materials or “mixed paper”. Items MUST be separated. There is a container for newspaper/magazines/catalogs and a separate container for office paper/junk-mail.

The Illini Recycling Recycling Center accepts old paperback books and hardcover books—minus the book covers. If hardback book, please rip cover off and recycle encyclopedia books without the cover. Separately dispose of the removed book covers with your own landfill trash, and do not recycle these at the Recycling Center drop-off. Old books (without a hardcover) or paperback books should be placed in the container for newspaper/magazines/catalogues.


Curbside recycling

Check with your waste hauler to find out if they will or will not accept paper products and books for recycling in your curb-side recycling bin.

IF your waste hauler does accept books, ask if you need to remove the hardback book covers before recycling. IF your waste hauler does accept books, it is important that these items be kept dry before curbside pick-up. Wet books, cardboard, or paper placed in the recycling bin cannot be recycled – only dry books, cardboard, or paper.