Recycling Paper and Books

Recycling Paper and Books

Illini Recycling – Public Drop Off Center

Drop off Location: Drop off containers are located on the south side of our Recycling Center at 420 Paul Ave. in Champaign. 

Old paperback books and hardcover books—with the covers removed—are accepted at the Illini Recycling Public Drop Off Recycle Center.   

If hardback book, please rip cover off and recycle encyclopedia books without the cover. 

Old books (without a hardcover) or paperback books should be placed in the container for newspaper/magazines/catalogues.  


Curbside recycling  

Dry (not wet) encyclopedias or old books may be placed in the recycling bin. No need to remove book covers if hardback covers. 

Wet books, cardboard, or paper placed in the recycling bin cannot be recycled – only dry books, cardboard, or paper.